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President of Wonder Group Attend the 13th Davos World Economic Forum

The Summer Davos Forum was held in Dalian on July 1. Political and business leaders home and abroad gathered to discuss the direction of the globalized world economy under the new era. Zeng Qingdong, president of Wonder Group, was invited to attend the Forum.

Zeng Qingdong participated in several discussions related to leadership 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution and future transportation, etc. Zeng shared his points of view on future development of autonomous driving and new energy technology in automotive industry with the scholars, entrepreneurs and auto industry experts from all over the world. He also experienced the application of 5G technology during the Forum.


At present, Wonder Group is now in a critical moment of transformation and upgrading. The advanced concepts and cutting-edge technology from the Forum will inevitably provide management ideas and commercial and technical inspiration for Wonder. The ideological collision and business discussion with high-quality enterprises in various countries at the Forum will also contribute to speed up the internationalization strategy of the Group.


ˇ°With the great technological innovation brought about by the fourth industrial revolution, enterprises are gradually changing from extensive operations to intensive operations. The Forum has broadened our vision and thought, helped us open the door to leadership 4.0 to face the challenges effectively. At the same time, it can help enterprises to cultivate new corporate culture based on core technology, customer orientation and market trend.ˇ± Zeng said.

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